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Prayer Garden

The Prayer Garden is an oasis of prayer in a restless and hurried world.  It's design reminds us of the Trinity, as signified by the three loops in the garden.  A stroll down the walkway leads first to the Memorial Tree, which represents the Tree of Life, the Cross, on which Christ died to bring us Salvation. Its white flowers symbolize His purity and the washing away of our sins.  To the left of the tree, will stand the statue of Mary, and to the right will be St. Joseph, both leading us to their son Jesus Christ, the central figure.  The water feature in the St. Joseph Garden reminds us the Jesus gives us living water and we thirst no more.  The walkway and the tree loops will be connected by a central cross, created with memorial bricks, reminding us to keep Jesus as the center of our lives and to follow where He leads us.

If you would like to help with the Prayer Garden or be part of it's upkeep, please contact the Parish Office @ 605-582-6902 or 
visit with Laurie Lambertz!
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Carla Gross,
Apr 27, 2018, 11:47 AM