7th-10th Grade

Religious Education is a partnership with parents and volunteers to provide opportunities to grow in relationship with God. Each grade level explores different facets of the Catholic faith. For grades 7 - 12.

Meets on selected Wednesdays evenings. Sessions follow a traditional school year calendar. Volunteers must complete Safe Environment training which is available online.

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Sunday Gospel - March 22



Gospel of John 9:1-41

In today’s Gospel Jesus heals a man who was born with blindness. He gives him physical sight and also spiritual insight that Jesus is the Son of God. That is pretty great! Right? In the lengthy passage we find out that the man is harassed because people want to know by whose power he was healed, or in some cases they accuse that he really never was blind. Can you imagine his life as he was experiencing all this? There was so much chaos and accusations as he was brought before the Pharisees who mistreated him. And, of course this is all happening in the new wonder of experiencing sight.

TO CONSIDER: Toward the end of the passage Jesus hears of the healed man’s mistreatment and the accusations against him and finds him. In their encounter Jesus reveals who he is and the man with his new sight believes and he worships! Read the Gospel passage and see with whom you most identify . Who are you most like in this Gospel passage? Then ask Jesus for sight in any way of the heart that you might be blind or have blurry vision. As with the healed man, the new insight to believe and worship can bring peace and joy amidst chaos.